This is not the only german pdp8 site.
It's just the place I set up to display my pdp8/m and some corresponding projects.
Last update 2008/04/19

--- NEW --- NEW --- NEW --- NEW --- NEW ---

Scanned the original Plessey RK8E clone documentation.
Set up vt100 pictures and ROM images.
Scanned the original MICO dual serial interface documentation.
Scanned the original LogAbax LX180 printer documentation.
Scanned the original MICO 32KW mos memory documentation.
Little german OS/8 handbook now available for download in the download area.
Worked out the configuration for the MICO dual serial interface module.
Made up a little docu available for download.

Moved my Logbook to a BLOG - sorry only german at the moment.

Finally managed to put some new pictures Online.
Although unsorted and uncommented, they will show my "new" pdp8/es.
The new pdp8's now are in Berlin and mostly working.
One RK05J still doesn't work.

Reverse engineering of Plessey RK8E Clone updated.
Schematics available in Download Area.
Schematic of 861B Power Control.
Schematics of HP and Geveke Teletypes.
New version of "TD8E-Plugin" for Douglas Jones's pdp8 emulator,
simulates an TD8E controller and a TU56 dual tape drive unit.
For Linux, Sun Solaris on Sparc and HPUX on PA-Risc.
English Version available, have fun finding typos, wrong grammar and semantics.
Reverse engineering of 8 bit parallel printer interface completed.
Schematics available in Download Area.

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